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A map of the dungeon, enemies and bosses.

This has been a dark abyss for ages. The Crypt Lord abhors all who dare trespass in his teritory. But now, for the first time in centuries, the quarry entrance is open!

Server Time: 00:00 - 24:00 (can be entered at any time.) Abyssal Quarry is the very first dungeon your character can enter in this game. You can access this instance 3 times a day at level 20, 5 times (or more, depending on your STAR level) later on.

There are 2 bosses (giant spiders): Crypt Elite and Crypt Lord. The Crypt Lord spawns after the Crypt Elite is killed.

Dungeon AccessEdit

To solo the dungeon, talk to Tony the Soldier in the Jade Quarry area.

If you want to go with a group, you can open Team Finder and join an existing one or start your own.

There are four difficulties to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, Heroic.

You must be level 70 or above to play under the Heroic difficulty.

Loot by Difficulty and GradeEdit

The following items drops on a random basis from the two bosses in this dungeon on Easy, Hard or Elite difficulty. The quality (grades and stats) and the amount of the items dropped increase with the difficulty.

Easy/Hard/Elite DifficultyEdit

Armor & WeaponsEdit

Grade CEdit
  • "Merman" set equipment (Knight)
  • "Lethal" set equipment (Hunter)
  • "Ghost Weave" set equipment (Mage)
  • "Wisdom" set equipment (Priest)
Grade BEdit
  • "Ancient" set equipment (Knight)
  • "Oceanic" set equipment (Hunter)
  • "Nagabind" set equipment (Mage)
  • "Saint" set equipment (Priest)
Grade AEdit
  • "Barak's" jewelry (necklace and rings) for all classes.
  • "Shandalo's" set equipment (Knight) - RARE
  • "Beret's" set equipment (Hunter) - RARE
  • "Meesa's" set equipment (Mage) - RARE
  • "Nedfilla's" set equipment (Priest) - RARE
  • Great Golden Dragon Ring (level 25 ring)


  • Bag of Coins I (1,000 coins)

Heroic DifficultyEdit


  • Undead Belt [Knight]
  • Windchaser Belt [Hunter]
  • Dimension Sash [Mage]
  • Timerift Sash [Priest]


  • Ironwill Belt [Knight]
  • Skyshadow Belt [Hunter]
  • Soulmate Sash [Mage]
  • Immortal Belt [Priest]


  • Transmutation Stone I (transcendance class enhancement material)
  • 1-star Harpy pet satchel (unbound item)
  • Dark Crystal (Lv 70 blueprint material)