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This area can only be accessed as part of a low level main quest, Annie's Dream [15]. In this quest, you are asked to rescue Annie from her dream. The quests that follow let you get to the bottom of the mystery and rescue Annie of Tidal Town.


Friendly NPCsEdit

  • Annabelle
  • Lawrence
  • Macbeth
  • Jace
  • James
  • Annie
  • Raymond (Merchant, sells HP & MP Potions I to VI)
  • Eileen Sibil
  • Geraldine

Monsters / CreaturesEdit

  • Ghost Pirate (Lv15, HP: 256, MP: 465)
  • Dream Envoys (Lv16, HP: 256, MP: 465)
  • Ghost Knight (Lv 17, HP: 288, MP: 525)
  • Death Seer (Lv 18, HP 576, MP: 555)

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