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This Grade S card was implemented sometime in August 2013 and is only made available through IGG website events (it is not sold at in-game stores).

It allows a character to deal additional damage via insignias (similar to the Flaming Skies card), to pierce through an enemy's defensive buff or to increase ATK, MATK and CRIT DMG as a permanent (static) boost according to the type of equipment is it inlaid to (Weapons, Armor or Accessories) and the Star Rank of the card (I to IX below).

Source: Celestial Mall (price: 700 Celestial Stones), IGG website events (price: cash, coupons or cash purchases)

Card EffectsEdit

[Weapons] : Marks a target with an insignia when attacking. Each insignia inflicts [A] DMG to the target and lasts 5 seconds. When the target has 5 insignias, it will suffer bonus [B] DMG.

[Armor] : Has a [C]% chance to grant Pierce buff if attacked. The first 2 attacks within 5 seconds will ignore target's DEF buffs (invincible, DMG reduction); activates every 60 seconds.

[Accessories] : Increases ATK, MATK and CRIT DMG by [D]%.

Effects by Star RankEdit

/ [Weapons] [Armor] [Accessories]
Star Rank [A]
I 300 5,000 6 10
II 600 10,000 7 15
III 900 15,000 8 20
IV 1,200 20,000 9 25
V 1,500 25,000 10 30
VI 1,800 30,000 11 35
VII 2,100 35,000 12 40
VIII 2,400 40,000 13 45
IX 2,700 45,000 14 50

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