• Madamwest

    To take a picture of a new item/mount/etc found in WoD, here are step-by-step instructions on how to take a screenshot while playing a game (or whenever you're using your computer really...)

    Most Common Way:

    1. Press the "Print Screen" (or "PRTSC") key. This key can be found on your keyboard at the top right of your keyboard, close to the F12, Pause/Break, Insert and Delete keys.) Pressing it will take a picture of your entire screen and keep it on your computer's clipboard.

    2. Open an imaging program. Open a new file with any type of imaging software (ex: MS Paint on any PC or Photoshop, etc.) If you are using Windows XP or Windows 7, you will find MS Paint under Start Menu > All programs > Accessories > Paint.

    3. Paste your screenshot. With t…

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  • Madamwest

    Leveling Guide

    January 7, 2014 by Madamwest

    If you're looking for advice on how to level quickly or if you're looking for new leveling spots while you are AFK (away from keyboard), here's a bullet point guide for newbies on how to level from Lv 1 to Lv 110 in an efficient way. Most veteran players know these tips already but it could also be useful to them to level an alt...

    In one of the sections below, I'm also introducing the concept of AFK teams in Team Finder as a way to level fast. Take some time to consider if that could work well on your server.

    Before getting specific, let's have a look at some general leveling tips that are useful at any level.

    Here are the daily tasks that will give you a good amount EXP (in order of importance):

    1. Warrior's Trial (Pet EXP, max coin gain and ta…

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  • Beauty0

    Keys are, surprisingly, pretty expensive although the rewards from opened Strongboxes are not that good. Since the keys sold in the Mall are only sold for cash and Strongboxes are dropped much more frequently than Keys when fighting monsters, people tend to "need" Keys quite a lot. When I started getting Strongbox and Key drops from the occasional monster, I just tried to open as many of the obtained strongboxes as possible. Even if it meant buying keys for sale in the auction house. But the rate of drop is much higher for Strongboxes than for Keys for a reason - the makers of the game want to buy the keys for cash (which you probably bought with real money). And so I kept picking up so many strongboxes that I couldn't open because after b…

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  • Klogataj

    Big thank to Nigroangelus

    December 13, 2012 by Klogataj

    Mate, I just want to thank you for this brilliant idea of putting pictures on wikia instead of plain text.

    First when I saw it, I thought: 'Oh no, that is just not right. Wiki is about text, columns, tables and pictures should be just as a decoration or to show something important.'

    But then I gave it a second thought and I immediately liked it. Why re-write what was already written, why killing ourselves over something that is not necessary, like making useless columns and excel tables? There is just too little amount of people contributing so anything that helps fill it quicker is welcome. And at the end of the day - it just looks good, it is informative and people will all the info they need. So basicly it covers all the aspets and duties…

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  • Klogataj

    Got PC

    December 12, 2012 by Klogataj

    All right, I have my own PC now, so nothing prevents me from contributing a little bit more often to this nice Wiki. Hope the info will be helpful ;-)

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  • Klogataj

    Lone Wolf?

    December 3, 2012 by Klogataj

    For the last few days it seems like I am the only one trying to add some info about this game.

    In a way I don't mind it, but on the other hand it's bad for the players, as the informations are added very slowly. I hope some of the people who participated before will come back and together we will finish this Wikia sooner.

    WoD is not a hard game and not many things need to be described in very long sentences, so I hope it'll get better.

    Anyway - want to help? Join ;-)

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