• Grade: A (crafted from blueprints)
  • Set Level: 50
  • Class: Knight

Material RequirementsEdit

This armor set is created with a blueprint and blueprint materials. Visit this page for the materials needed to craft each piece (by slot) and the sources of the blueprints: Level 50 Blueprints

To find out where to find the needed materials, click on the following links:

Note: Crafting a blueprint will randomly generate a 1-star to 5-star piece of equipment. To obtain high quality items, you may have to craft a piece more than once.

Set PiecesEdit

There are a total of 8 pieces for this set: 

Set BonusesEdit

By equipping even numbers of pieces from this set, these are the static attribute bonuses you will receive:

  • [2] : STR +40, DEX +40, VIT +10.
  • [4] : STR +45, DEX +45, VIT +12.
  • [6] : STR +55, DEX +55, VIT +13.
  • [8] : STR +60, DEX +60, VIT +15.

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