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Mounts ALoyalSteed Screen

In-game screen

The Cavalry Steed is the first mount a player receives; it can be claimed for free at level 10. You can also buy additional Cavalry Steeds for 200 cash or 300 vouchers at the Mall.

Tip: You can ride a mount at level 1, before receiving the free one at level 10. First, in Stars of Heaven (starting area), accept the quest that asks you to bookmark or add Wings of Destiny to your bookmarks to receive 400 vouchers. You can then buy a cavalry steed mount for 300 vouchers by opening the Mount menu (hotkey: letter "O") > Shop tab. This will help speed up your low-level quests!

Mount StatsEdit

Mounts CavalrySteed 1s2s5s

The three appearances of the Cavalry Steed mount.

Attributes +1
Cavalry Steed
STR +7 +15 +30 +51 +78
INT +7 +15 +30 +51 +78
DEX +5 +10 +20 +34 +52
VIT +3 +5 +10 +17 +26
SPI +3 +5 +10 +17 +26
Movement Speed
+15% +20% +25% +30% +35% +35%
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