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This ancient land is can be entered at any time (from 0:00 to 24:00 server time).

Level: 1-110. Best suited for level 85+ players (to solo).

There are 7 floors.

Field Boss Sinadra spawns on the last floor.


Cloudy Reach is a realm of illusion, crafted out of pure magic by the Wizards of the Hilda empire. Countless monsters have converged upon this region!

Speak to Captain Andy at the top of the Innner Fortress to travel to this mystical realm.


(We are looking for a player-made map of the area. Please contact me on my wall.)

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Note that some of the rewards below are dropped by the "mini-bosses" and/or Field Boss Sinadra.

Rewards include:

  • Runestone Pack (Runestone x250)
  • Bag of Coins VI (50,000 coins)
  • Coin Chest III (200,000 coins)
  • Lv 2 Lucky Rune (+20% pet enhancement and card fusion success rate)
  • Guardian Fragment 
  • Transmutation Stone II (used for upgrading lvl 71-80 equipment)
  • Mount Catalyst (for enhancing +1 to +4 mounts)
  • Equipment Essence III (used to enhance equipment from +13 to +17)
  • Dragon Essence (used to elevate or upgrade Lv70+ equipment)
  • Level 78+ grade S accessories:
    • Sealed Fang (Lv 88 Grade S necklace, Physical and Magic Attack +360-720)
    • Chronomantia (Lv 89 Grade S ring, Physical and Magic Defense +328-656)
    • Ring of the Black Dragon (Lv 89 Grade S ring, Physical and Magic Defense +328-656)
  • Level 70 grade A weapons for transcendance classes.

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