Welcome to the Community Messages page!

Below are a lists of pages that need work. There could be missing information from the game or missing pictures and screenshots to add on a page, etc.

Some of these tasks are also listed on the "Community Messages" section of the Wiki Activity page

You don't need a lot of knowledge or experience in editing to fill the information, it's usually very logical and straightforward. However, if ever you need help, feel free to visit the Comunity Portal page or leave a message on my wall.

By editing on the wiki, you become a part of an exclusive group of players that make a difference to help Wings of Destiny players from all over the world!!

Thank you for your help!

Simple EditsEdit

Mount PagesEdit

Pages under these categories are missing bonus information:

Pet PagesEdit

Missing information/pictures on pet pages:

Class PagesEdit

These pages are missing pictures of the rune icons and skills descriptions (taken from the Skills menu (hotkey: J in WoD) :

If you don't understand what is missing, take a look at the Crusader page as a reference: all the pictures (icons) and skill descriptions are there.

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