Equipment StatisticsEdit

Dark Rider Helmet (Lv 40 Grade A Crafted Item)

Basic Attributes:

  • Physical Defense: 57-68 (depending on [1-5 Star] rating.)
  • Magic Defense: 27-32 (depending on [1-5 Star] rating.)

Advanced Attributes:

  • <Produces random 3 attributes.>



Blueprint Source: [Event] Recover the Wings, Auction.


  • 5x Divine Stone (Sources: [Gather at] Holy Grounds (rare drop with Silver Ore), Auction.)
  • 20x Skin of Decay (Sources: [Gather at] Holy Grounds (Skin of Decay), Auction.)

Black Rider's Set (BonusesEdit

As with all sets, you get attribute bonuses when equiping mutliple set pieces.

  • [2] STR +30, DEX +30, VIT +5
  • [4] STR +35, DEX +35, VIT +8
  • [6] STR +36, DEX +36, VIT +10
  • [8] STR +39, DEX +39, VIT +12

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