Boss DemonicGuard Preview

Demonic Guard - Boss Preview at the BOSS tab (page 2)


  • Level: 120
  • Location: Arcane Caverns [X: 88, Y: 218]
  • Respawn Rate: 27 hours (after its death.)
  • HP: ????
  • MP: ????


Message from an IGG update:

"The Demonic Guardian in the Arcane Caverns [88,218] awaits your challenge!

Kill this Boss to get: 80 Celestial Stones, 2 Knight Crystals, 4-10 Mount Catalysts, 5 Lucky Runes, 4-10 Glory Scroll (100), 0-2 Goddess Cruor (chance of dropping), 4-10 EXP Scroll (1 million EXP), 4-10 Blessing Soul 1000, and 2-5 Equipment Essence IV.

There is also a small chance that the Demonic Guardian will drop a Mark of the Deities (Lv 115 Defense-type Ring)."

Rewards ListEdit

  • Mark of the Gods
    (name appearing at the BOSS tab, Lv 115 defense-type ring, Physical & Magic Defense +2628-5256)
  • Mount Catalyst
  • Celestial Stone
  • Lv 3 Lucky Rune (+30% to pet enhancement and card fusion success rate)
  • Goddess Cruor
  • Knight Crystal
  • Glory Scroll (100)
  • Blessing Soul 1,000
  • Equipment Essence IV

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