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Pets Dirge Star7

Stage 3 (Star 7+)

Pet DetailsEdit

Source(s) :
Initial Grade : Grade S
Highest Grade :
(with training)
Grade SS (Legend)
Race : Pets Humanoid Icon 30x30 Humanoid: +50% Max HP.
Attack Mode : Melee/Physical
Attack Range : 172

Default Skill :
(attack when not using Pet Skill)

Melee: Inflicts (100% ATK) physical damage upon a single target.

Pet SkillEdit

Persona Physical
Cooldown Time: 8 seconds
[Active/Physical/Single] Deals DMG [A] to a target and heals itself for [B]% of the DMG inflicted for 8 seconds.
Pet: Dirge

Pet Skill Progression by Star LevelEdit

Star Lvl [A]
(damage mutliplier)
(% of DMG healed)
VII x3 15%
VIII x3.5 20%
IX x4 25%

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