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Credits go to user "Asphodelian" of the SNS forum for some of the info. (Source)

Pets Drakeling 3Stages IGGDE

The three appearances/stages of the Drakeling pet. Credits: IGG DE website.

Pet DetailsEdit

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Initial Grade: Grade A
Highest Grade :
(with training)
Grade S
Pets Dragonic Icon 30x30
Dragonic: +15% damage dealt.
Attack Mode: Ranged/Magical
Attack Range: 516
Default Skill:
(attack when not using Pet Skill)
Energy Ball: Inflicts (100% MATK) magic damage upon a single target.

Pet SkillEdit

Mana Burn Magical
Cooldown Time: 3 seconds
Casting Range: 500
[Active/Magical/Single] Drains [A]% MP from target and reduces target's Movement Speed by [B]% for 3 seconds.
Pet: Drakeling

Pet Skill Progression by Star LevelEdit

Star Lvl [A]
(% MP drained)
(-MS %)
I 2 3
II 4 6
III 6 9
IV 8 12
V 10 15
VI 12 18
VII 14 21
VIII 16 24
IX 18 27

Image GalleryEdit

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