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Pets Drogerion Stage3 IGGUS

Stage 3 (Star 7+)

Credits for Stage 3 picture: IGG US website (Source)

Pet DetailsEdit

Initial Grade: Grade SS (Legend)
Highest Grade :
(with training)
Grade SSS
Pets Dragonic Icon 30x30
Dragonic: +15% damage dealt.
Attack Mode: Melee/Physical
Attack Range: 172

Default Skill:
(attack when not using Pet Skill)

Melee: Inflicts (100% ATK) physical damage upon a single target.

Pet SkillEdit

Terra Guard Physical
Cooldown Time: 10 seconds
[Active/Physical/Area] Deals [A] (+[B]% ATK) physical damage to multiple targets and makes the pet invincible for [C] seconds.
Pet: Drogerion

  • Note: the pet skill description above is a translation of the French version and may not be exactly the word-for-word version found in the US version. The pet skill name and information is correct however. Please edit or confirm the exact English version description in the comments below.

Pet Skill Progression by Star LevelEdit

Star Lvl [A]
(Base DMG)
(+% ATK)
IX 10,374 +155% 5

Image GalleryEdit

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