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Release Date:  This Grade S card was implemented...

It grants a character a 10% chance to inflict extra damage to a target and reduce its DMG by a percentage for a short amount of time while attacking or using a skill or grants him a chance to increase DMG and healing by a percentage when attacked.

It can also increase healing, Max HP and CRIT DMG by a percentage as a static bonus according to the type of equipment is it inlaid to (Weapons, Armor or Accessories) and the Star Rank of the card (I to IX in the table below).


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Price: n/a, not sold in stores

Card EffectsEdit

[Weapons]: Has a 10% chance while attacking or using a skill to inflict [A] extra DMG to the target and reduce its DMG by [B]% for 5 seconds. Effect triggers every 15 seconds.

[Armor]: Has a [C]% chance to increase DMG and healing by [D] for 6 seconds when attacked. Effect triggers every 12 seconds.

[Accessories]: Increases healing, Max MP,  and CRIT DMG by [E]%.

Effects by Star RankEdit

/ [Weapons] [Armor] [Accessories]
Star Rank [A]
(extra DMG)
(-DMG %)
(% chance)
(+% DMG & healing)
(+% healing, MAX MP, CRIT DMG)
I 18,000 15% 10% 13% 18%
II 36,000 18% 12% 16% 25%
III 54,000 21% 14% 19% 32%
IV 72,000 24% 16% 22% 39%
V 90,000 27% 18% 25% 46%


30% 20% 28% 53%
VII 126,000 33% 22% 31% 60%
VIII 144,000 36% 24% 34% 67%
IX 162,000 39% 26% 37% 74%


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