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This Grade A card reduces target's DEF and MDEF with every attack or when casting skills and also inflicts Dazed on target, has a chance to deal critical damage in the next attack if hit by enemy or increases ATK, MATK and HIT as a permanent (static) bonus according to the Star rank of the card and the piece of equipment it is inlaid to.

Source: Card Box A, "Draw" tab of the Cards menu and special IGG events.

Cost: n/a (not sold in stores)

Card EffectsEdit

[Weapons] : Reduces target's DEF and MDEF by [A]% for 4 seconds with every attack or when casting skills. Also inflicts Dazed on target for 2.5 seconds when effect stacks up to [B].

[Armor] : Has a [C]% chance to deal critical damage in the next attack if hit by enemy.

[Accessories] : Increases ATK, MATK and HIT by [D]%.

Fuse to upgrade. Can be inlaid into equipment. Effects can't stack.

Effects by Star RankEdit

/ [Weapons] [Armor] [Accessories]
Star Rank [A]
(-DEF & MDEF %)
(stack times)
(% chance)
I 5 30 3 4
II 7 28 5 6
III 9 26 7 8
IV 11 24 9 10
V 13 22 11 12
VI 15 20 13 14
VII 17 18 15 16
VIII 19 16 17 18
IX 21 14 19 20

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