Gems are items that can be inlaid to a weapon or a piece of armor to give a bonus to one of your character's skills or attributes. The higher the level of a gem, the stronger the bonus you will receive.

How to Get GemsEdit

You can obtain gems in various ways:

Fusing GemsEdit

All gems can be fused to have their statistics enhanced. There are 8 levels for every gem.

Level 1 to 3 gems are Grade B (blue), Level 4 to 6 gems are Grade A (purple), Level 7 and 8 gems are Grade S (orange).

First, open your Enhance menu (shortcut key: "9") and select the "Fuse" tab. You can also access this menu by clicking on the Enhance icon (with an anvil and a hammer) in your toolbar at the bottom of the screen.  

Now, to fuse a gem, you need to have 4 of a kind (i.e. 4x Lvl 1 gem). The ones you can fuse will be highlighted in green. To make it even easier, you could tick the "Can be Fused" box at the top, so that you will only see the fusions you can do at the time. Then, select one of the gems from the list.

Once a gem is selected, adjust the quantity of gems you want if you want and click on the Craft button. That's it! Your new gem will appear in your inventory.

Each gem fusion costs coins:

Gem level Fusion cost*
Level 1 500 coins
Level 2 1000 coins
Level 3 1500 coins
Level 4 ?? coins
Level 5 ?? coins
Level 6 ?? coins
Level 7 ?? coins
Level 8 ?? coins

List of GemsEdit

Here are the gems you can find in Wings of Destiny:

Common GemsEdit

Attribute GemsEdit

Elemental GemsEdit

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Elemental gems can be inlaid to Lv 70+ gear to increase the effectiveness of other non-elemental gems according to elements.

At the Character/Bag screen, here are the elements you will see to the left of your character and their effect:

  • Earth Element: Increases the effectiveness of Lapis Lazuli (MAX HP), Spinel (END), and Amethyst (MP REGEN).
  • Water Element: Increases the effectiveness of Peridot (DEF), Malachite (MAX MP), Garnet (HP REGEN).
  • Fire Element: Increases the effectiveness of Opal (ATK), Belomorite (MATK), Cat's Eye (HIT).
  • Wind Element: Increases the effectiveness of Amber (MDEF), Obsidian (CRIT), and Pearl (DODGE).

As you create, upgrade or elevate Lv 70 crafted armor, an element will randomly be assigned to that piece. This element becomes a part of the armor piece, it does not take any gems slots.

On top of this randomly assigned element, you can also choose to equip an elemental gem to further increase the effectiveness of certain gems inlaid to the equipment piece (refer to the elements above).

As with regular gems, elemental gems can be upgraded to a higher level by fusing 4 gems of the same level.

List of Elemental GemsEdit