Greedy Devil Large

Greedy Devil

Greedy Devil


  • Level: 40
  • Location:  Castia Corridor (X:75, Y:140)
  • Respawn Rate: 5 hours (after its death)
  • HP: 900,00
  • MP: ??


  • Furious Chop
  • Explosive Strike
  • Powerful Directive
  • Tornado Chop
  • Fireball
  • Lightning Strike
  • Threatening Roar
  • Headlong Charge


  • Bag of Coins III (10,000 coins)
  • Lv 40 armor set blueprints for all classes (Right Hand & Left Hand weapons only)
  • Mediator Pendant (level 45 necklace)
  • Ring of Exile (level 45 ring)
  • Level 40 Grade A (purple) armor (all slot pieces, all classes)
    1. "Fallen One / Fallen" set pieces (Knight)
    2. "Fraudster" set pieces (Hunter)
    3. "Caster" set pieces (Mage) "Ludis" set pieces (priest)

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