When you join a guild, you have the possibility of doing guild quests to help your guild and your character. There are two types of quests: Guild Admin quests (listed below) and the Escort Quest (A Dangerous Journey event)

These quests give your guild and your character different rewards upon completion:

  • Character EXP
  • Guild EXP
  • Pet EXP (if a pet is summoned)
  • Coins
  • Guild reputation (used to buy items at the Workshop.)

Note: the rewards gradually increase according to the amount of guild admin quests already completed during the day.

Guild quests are essential to the growth of all guilds because each guild level grants your guild access to new research or "techs" at the Research Academy.

Guild Admin QuestsEdit

Guild Admin

Guild Admin in Forrester City.

These quests are given by the "Guild Admin" NPC in Forrester City (location X: 196, Y: 171, between Herman the Guard and Janis the Guard)

As you talk to him, he asks you to complete random tasks. He could ask you to send a message to various people in Forrester, to kill creatures (Bone Soldiers in the Guild dungeon or enemies in main areas) or to bring him back different materials according to the level range of the quest. (ex: Lost Seashells, different Contruction materials, Glitterdust, etc.)

Note: Unlike Vincent's Royal Duty quest, closing the quest and speaking to the Guild Admin again will NOT give you a different quest.

Here are the details of the possible quests you can complete according to your character's level:

Lv 11-20Edit

  • Guild Gathering: Beast Pelts (in Hope Canyon), Lost Seashells (HC), Glitterdust.
  • Guild Communications: King Laye, Captain Shadalo.
  • Guild Dungeon: Lv 15 Bone Soldiers.

Lv 21-30Edit

  • Lv 11 Guild Gathering: Lost Seashells (HC), Beast Pelts (HC).
  • Guild Materials: Glitterdust.
  • Guild Communications: Blacksmith, Guard Captain, King Laye, Pet Merchant.
  • Guild Dungeon: Lv 25 Bone Soldiers.

Lv 31-40Edit

  • Guild Reinforcements: Rebels (AV), 
  • Guild Materials: Glitterdust, Construction Stones (AV), Construction Lumber (AV).
  • Guild Communications: King Laye, Captain Shadalo.
  • Guild Dungeon: Lv 31-40 Bone Soldiers.

Lv 41-50Edit

  • Guild Reinforcements: Alert Corpses (CC), Imperial Spies (CC).
  • Guild Materials: Glitterdust, Ice Crystal Shards (CC), Construction Iron (CC).
  • Guild Message: King Laye, Captain Shadalo, Guard Captain.
  • Guild Dungeon: Lv 41-50 Bone Soldiers.

Lv 51-60Edit

  • Guild Reinforcements: Water Monkeys (DR), Toxic Spiders (DR), 
  • Guild Materials: Glitterdust, Morningdew Herb, High-quality Lumber.
  • Guild Message: King Laye, Captain Shadalo, Guard Captain.
  • Guild Dungeon: Lv 51-60 Bone Soldiers.

Lv 61-70Edit

  • Guild Reinforcements: Corrupt Sprites (JS), Wicked Wiches (DR).
  • Guild Materials: Glitterdust, Silver Iron Ore, Silverlight Herb.
  • Guild Message: King Laye, Guard Captain.
  • Guild Dungeon: Lv 61-70 Bone Soldiers.

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