Knight sample male female v2

Female and Male knights at the character selection screen.

Class Icon Knight
The Knight's two main features are high HP and DEF. It employs melee combat as its primary mode of attack and is able to specialize as either a Crusader or Berserker at level 70.

As an unbeatable melee combatant basing its primary stats on Strength, the Knight possesses a natural advantage by having the highest base HP and Defense of all four classes.

The Knight is extremely versatile. As a tank, it can absorb exorbitant amounts of damage, generally keeping teammates from harm. When it comes to dealing damage, the Knight can dish out rapid and lethal combos to his enemies.

Knight SkillsEdit

Mastery of the deadly combat arts allows the Knight to deal great amounts of damage to anyone within range. Unfortunately, the lack of ranged skills can prove to be a stumbling block at times. Below is a listing of knight skills at their maximum values.

Click on [Expand] to view the skill's 3 rune effects. Each of these rune skills cost 1 runestone per use.

Single-Target SkillsEdit

Icon Hack
Basic Attack of the Knight.
Lv 1 (does not increase): Inflicts 100% physical damage.
Cooldown Time: none
No rune effects
Icon Furious Chop
Furious Chop
Delivers a swift weapon attack.
Lv 10: Deals 450 DMG +110% ATK.
MP Cost: 25 MP
Cooldown Time: 3 secs
Casting Range: 120
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10)  >>>
Icon Furious Chop Cleave
Cleave+20% DMG.
Icon Furious Chop Quickstrike
QuickstrikeCooldown time -1.5 secs
Icon Furious Chop Burst
BurstCritical DMG. Cooldown time +2 secs.
Icon Charge
Charges directly to an opponent.
Lv 10: Deals 165 DMG +103% ATK.
MP Cost: 33 MP
Cooldown Time: 15 secs
Casting Range: 550
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10)  >>>
Icon Charge Shatter
ShatterReduces Movement Speed (MS) of affected target by 70% for 2 secs and cooldown period of Charge by 2 secs.
Icon Charge Fearless
FearlessAfter Charge ends, caster cannot be affected by any enemy statuses for 3 secs.
Icon Charge Heal
HealAfter Charge ends, caster will recover 10% of Max HP.
Icon Explosive Strike
Explosive Strike
Delivers a violent strike to an opponent.
Lv 10: Deals 845 DMG+140% ATK.
MP Cost: 38 MP
Cooldown Time: 6 secs
Casting Range: 120
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10)  >>>
Icon Explosive Strike Smother
SmotherReduces target's DEF by 10%.
Icon Explosive Strike Quickstrike
QuickstrikeCooldown time +2 secs.
Icon Explosive Strike Smash
Smash+20% DMG.

Area Of Effect SkillsEdit

Icon Tornado Chop
Tornado Chop
Performs an intricate dance of swirling blades, attacking up to 6 nearby opponents.
Lv 10: Deals 350 DMG +62% ATK every 0.5 secs for 3 secs.
Player must direct character movement for the duration of the attack.
MP Cost: 56 MP
Cooldown Time: 3 secs
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10)  >>>
Icon Tornado Chop Sweep
SweepMovement reduces DMG to enemies by 20%.
Icon Tornado Chop Razorwind
Razorwind+50% DMG to Tornado Chop.
Icon Tornado Chop Galeforce
GaleforceIncreases range for Tornado Chop. Reduces DMG taken by 20%.
Icon Intimidation
Initimidates up to 8 nearby enemies.
Lv 8: Deals minimal damage while reducing enemy DEF by 900 and MS by 50% for 5 secs. This skill activates aggro for affected targets.
MP Cost: 40 MP
Cooldown Time: 20 secs
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 8)  >>>
Icon Intimidation Shaken
ShakenReduces target's DEF by 1800.
Icon Intimidation Jeer

Cooldown time -10 secs.

Icon Intimidation Scatter
ScatterIncreases range for Intimidation by 100%.

Survival SkillsEdit

Icon Vigilance
Lv 6: Reduces damage taken by 60% for 5 secs.
MP Cost: 78 MP
Cooldown Time: 60 secs'
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 6)  >>>
Icon Vigilance Extend
ExtendIncreases duration of Vigilance by 3 secs.
Icon Vigilance Crush
CrushCooldown -20 secs.
Icon Vigilance Blur
BlurWhen Vigilance is activated, increases MS by 20%.
Can be used while in Dazed state.