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Blueprint Materials by Slot PieceEdit

To find out how to get the materials in this table, visit the Blueprint Materials page.

Notes: 1: For hunters, the material requirements for the RH Weapon (quiver) & LH Weapon (bow) blueprints are reversed. (The "RH Weapon" mats are actually for the "LH Weapon" slot piece and vice versa. This applies only to these two hunter pieces.)

Level 50 - Considated Blueprints Table (All Classes)
Sources: Dungeons (npc, bosses, chests), Elite Treasure Chests, Guild Dungeon, Auction, etc.
Icon Blueprint
Blueprint MaterialsHeadHandsChestWaistLegsFeetRH
Icon ZealousWill
Zealous Will 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8
Icon PrisonerShackles
Prisoner Shackles 10 6 12 6 12 6 18 12 82
Icon BloodstainedCape
Bloostained Cape 12 12
Icon DulledCarver
Dulled Carver 24 24
Icon HangingRope
Hanging Rope 10 8 18
Icon HotBrandingIron
Hot Branding Iron 12 12
Icon JaggedEdge
Jagged Edge 12 12
Icon PrisonOfficerArmorFragments
Prison Office Armor Fragments 12 10 22
Sources: Lv 50 [Event] Alchemist's Request, Guild Workshop, Auction.
Icon Blueprint
Blueprint MaterialsHeadHandsChestWaistLegsFeetRH
Icon BloodoftheFallen
Blood of the Fallen 2 2 4
Icon RageEssence
Rage Essence 2 2
Icon ShadowEye
Shadow Eye 2 2
Icon WardensArmor
Warden's Armor 2 2 2 6
Icon WardensHelmet
Warden's Helmet 2 2
Sources: Resource nodes in Castia Corridor and Crater Plains, Auction.
Icon Blueprint
Blueprint MaterialsHeadHandsChestWaistLegsFeetRH
Icon EarthCrystal
Earth Crystal 6 4 9 5 18 6 48
Icon LongBonePiece
Long Bone Piece 6 9 5 18 38
Icon BeastPelt
Beast Pelt 20 16 36
Icon ForresterToughwood
Forrester Toughwood 30 16 46
Icon GoldOre
Gold Ore 24 27 51


  • When you collect all the ingredients, just click on the blueprint, click on "Use" and then on "Craft".
  • If you are missing materials, you can click the "Craft All" button and spend cash to buy the missing materials and proceed with the item production! The cash costs may vary according to the level of the blueprint

Blueprint SourcesEdit

Level 50 Blueprint Sources (All Classes)
Slot Piece Source
Right-Hand Weapon
Left-Hand Weapon
Loot from final boss of Lv 50 dungeons:
♦ One-Eyed Wen in [Dungeon] Subterranean Prison
♦ Zane in [Dungeon] Ley Line Source
♦ Lv 50 [Event] Recover the Wings
All slots ♦ Arena Mall (cost: 1,000 BP per blueprint)
♦ Auction (sold by other players)

Armor SetsEdit

Note: the pictures that have jumbled letters are missing screehshots. If you have screenshot of that piece, click on it and follow the steps to submit your picture. It is recommended to upload your pictures in .png format.

[Knight] - Bloodbath RegaliaEdit

(These screenshots are also found on the "Bloodbath Regalia " page)

[Hunter] - Sentry's SetEdit

[Mage] - Hell's HeartEdit

[Priest] - Lightflux RegaliaEdit

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