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Class Icon Mage

The Mage possesses destructive power and an innate ability to control enemy targets. Able to specialize as either a Sage or Warlock as the game progresses.

With the ability to wield powerful ranged spells, mages are the main source of damage for a team. A master of the mysterious elements, the Mage is a fearsome class that manipulates nature for devastating effects.

Though inept at frontline battles, a wide array of AoE and single-target spells can usually turn the tide of the battle.

Mage SkillsEdit

Strong magic damage and status control. Weak against multiple enemies at once.

Note to editors: please input the information for the final level (the level at which you can start using runes) of each of the skills further below. If there is no casting time for a skill, remove that line.

Skills SummaryEdit

(Single-Target): Magic Blast - Default attack skill.

(Single-Target) Fireball - Regular single - Target attack.

(Single-Target - Buff) Lightning Strike - Advanced single-target attack.

(AOE) Energy Assault - AOE attack.

(Survival) Magic Shield - Creates a protective shield to absorb damage.

(Survival) Teleport - Teleports you to a specific location.

(AOE) Blizzard - Deals damage to all enemy targets in the skill area.

Single-Target SkillsEdit

Icon MagicBlast
Magic Blast Basic Mage attack.
Lv 1 (does not increase): Deals 45 MDMG (magical damage) +24% MATK.
MP Cost: 0 MP
Cooldown Time: 1 second
Casting Range: 550
Icon Fireball
Fireball Sends a ball of flame at a targeted enemy.
Lv 10: Deals 345 DMG +109% MATK.
MP Cost: 55 MP
Cooldown Time: 3 seconds
Casting Range: 550
Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10) >>>
[Missing Icon]FlareIncreases damage by 10%.
[Missing Icon]BurnInflicts DMG over time for 3 secs. 200 MDMG + 30% MATK.
[Missing Icon]SingeTarget's MDEF is reduced by 15%.
Icon LightningStrike
Lightning Strike Summons a bolt of lightning to strike a targeted enemy.
Lv [??]: Deals [???] MDMG + [???]% MATK. (Missing MDMG/MATK information).</span>

MP Cost: [??] MP
Casting Time: [??] second(s)
Cooldown Time: [??] seconds
Casting Range: [??]

 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv [??]) >>>
[Missing Icon][SKILL3 RUNE1 name][Missing SKILL3, RUNE1 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL3 RUNE2 name][Missing SKILL3, RUNE2 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL3 RUNE3 name][Missing SKILL3, RUNE3 effect].

Area of Effect SkillsEdit

Icon Blizzard
Blizzard Lv [??]: Summons an icy blizzard that deals (+[???]% MATK) magic damage to all nearby enemies (missing MDMG/MATK information).
MP Cost: [??] MP
Casting Time: [??] second(s)
Cooldown Time: [??] seconds
Casting Range: [??]
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv [??]) >>>
[Missing Icon][SKILL4 RUNE1 name][Missing SKILL4, RUNE1 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL4 RUNE2 name][Missing SKILL4, RUNE2 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL4 RUNE3 name][Missing SKILL4, RUNE3 effect].
Icon EnergyAssault
Energy Assault Unleashes powerful magic against nearby enemy targets.
Lv [??]: [Missing SKILL5 DMG description].
MP Cost: [??] MP
Casting Time: [??] second(s)
Cooldown Time: 1 second
Casting Range: [??]
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv [??]) >>>
[Missing Icon][SKILL5 RUNE1 name][Missing SKILL5, RUNE1 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL5 RUNE2 name][Missing SKILL5, RUNE2 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL5 RUNE3 name][Missing SKILL5, RUNE3 effect].

Survival SkillsEdit

Icon MagicShield
Magic Shield Creates a magic shield that protects the caster.
Lv [??]: Absorbs 20% of all damage for 30 seconds or until it has absorbed [?,???] damage.(missing DMG absorption information).

MP Cost: [??] MP
Casting Time: [??] second(s)
Cooldown Time: [??] seconds
Casting Range: [??]

 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv [??]) >>>
[Missing Icon][SKILL6 RUNE1 name][Missing SKILL6, RUNE1 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL6 RUNE2 name][Missing SKILL6, RUNE2 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL6 RUNE3 name][Missing SKILL6, RUNE3 effect].[optional text, additional effects, etc].
Icon Teleport
Teleport Lv [??]: Instantly teleports you to the selection location (at the position of the mouse cursor).
MP Cost: 60 MP
Cooldown Time: 17 seconds
Casting Range: 600
 Rune effects (available at Skill Lv [??]) >>>
[Missing Icon][SKILL7 RUNE1 name][Missing SKILL7, RUNE1 effect].
[Missing Icon][SKILL7 RUNE2 name]

[Missing SKILL7, RUNE2 effect].

[Missing Icon][SKILL7 RUNE3 name][Missing SKILL7, RUNE3 effect].
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