This event was introduced on June 9th, 2014 and is similar to Pet Island; you fight creatures on different levels and obtain shards, to create mounts in this case.

There are 8 levels.


Pet Merchant

Pet Merchant in Forrester City.

To access this event, speak to the Pet Merchant in Forrester City. 

This is a solo event, it cannot be done in teams.

Daily Attempts: 1

Levels & RewardsEdit

Here are the npcs you will have to face. There are 8 levels to complete, each having only one npc to fight.

After killing an npc, you will receive EXP and an un-bound (which means they can be traded with other players) Mount Catalyst. You might also receive 1-2 bound grade S mount shards at random. The mount shard(s) will be either Holy Yak shards or Azurblauen shards.

Once you've accumulated 120 shards of either type, you can fuse them at the "Fuse" menu (hotkey: 9 > "Fuse" tab) to obtain a Grade S Goldrine or Amalros mount.

Tip: Having a Zen card inlaid to an accessory will not increase the base EXP rewards. You might as well remove it if you have one and inlay another card that will benefit your character instead.

Current Level NPC name NPC Lv HP MP EXP Rewards
1 Lich Mage 40 50,400 8100 9,000 Mount Catalyst x1
2 Vampire Noble 50 158,400 21600 16,000 Mount Catalyst x1
3 Bloody Heretic 60 352800 45900 25,000 Mount Catalyst x1
4 Corpse Princess 70 1,075k 136,800 36,000 Mount Catalyst x1

Azure Guardian

80 1,939k 244,800 49,000 Mount Catalyst x1
6 Imperial Champion 90


481,500 64,000 Mount Catalyst x2
7 Veil Witch 100 8,400k 697,500 72,500 Mount Catalyst x2
8 Wraith Lord 110 18,800k 750,000 81,000 Mount Catalyst x2
TOTAL - - - - 352,500 EXP Mount Catalyst x 11

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