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Mounts are creatures that players can ride and that give stackable (cumulative) bonuses to the character's attributes (STR, INT, DEX, VIT, SPI). What this means is that the more mounts your character has, the higher the total bonus will be, regardless of whether you are riding one or not.

Aside from attribute bonuses, riding a mount will also increase Movement Speed (MS) by a certain percentage, according to the pet's enhancement level and grade.

Mounts can be bought/added to stable from level 1 by buying a Mount with vouchers or cash at the Mounts menu (hotkey: letter O) > Shop tab". However, take note that all players can claim a free cavalry steed at level 10 as a level-up reward. Additional mounts can be obtained through a variety of events or by buying satchels that give you a chance to receive a mount at the Mall (hotkey: H) & Celestial Mall with cash or a cavalry steed with vouchers.

Below is a list of the known mounts in WoD and an explanation of the different features of the Mount menu (hotkey: letter O).

Mounts by GradeEdit

Click on the mount name to view the attribute bonuses at each star level.

Grade C MountsEdit

Icon Mount Name Source Price(s)
Icon Cavalry Steed
Cavalry Steed Level 10 Reward / Mall Free at Lv 10 300 
or 200 

Grade B MountsEdit

Icon Mount Name Source Price
Icon JungleCub
Jungle Cub Mall Mall: 400 

Grade A MountsEdit

Icon Mount Name Source Price
Icon AlienStrider
Alien Strider Mall (satchel) 70 
Icon Blimpy
Blimpy  IGG website events (cash, coupons or cash purchases)
Icon CerberusPup
Cerberus Pup Mall (satchel) 70 
Icon EtherealRhino
Ethereal Rhino Lucky Roulette (gems) / Mystery Mall 35
Icon Amber LuckySlots
or 150 milion 
Icon Lizara
Lizara IGG website events (cash, coupons or cash purchases)
Icon PanPan
Pan-Pan IGG website events (cash, coupons or cash purchases)
Icon QueenSpider
Queen Spider Lucky Roulette (gems) / Mystery Mall 35 
Icon Amber LuckySlots
or 150 milion 
Icon Reindeer
Reindeer IGG website events (cash, coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Scorpex
Scorpex IGG website events (cash, coupons or cash purchases)
Icon SwiftRaptor
Swift Raptor Arena Mall 30,000 
Icon TurboTurkey
Turbo Turkey IGG website events (cash, coupons or cash purchases)

Grade S MountsEdit

Many of these mounts have similar bonuses and generally fall under 3 categories based on their highest bonuses:

Click on one of these categories above or at the bottom any mount page to find out which mounts have similar bonuses.

Icon Mount Name Source Price
Icon AmorusDei
Amorus Dei IGG website events (coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Anpheolia
Anpheolia IGG website events
(ex: Lucky Loot [Jun 13-15])
(coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Azurblauen
  • IGG website events
  • "Fuse" menu (with Mount Island shards)
  • (coupons or cash purchases)
  • 120 x Azurblauen Shards
Icons Biragon
Icon Ebonios
Ebonios IGG website events (ex: Tons of Treasure [Jun 23-26]) (coupons or cash purchases)
Icons Emralos
Emralos IGG website events (coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Fienix
Fienix IGG website events (ex: Bomb Squad Assembles [Jun 20-21]) (coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Goldrine
Goldrine IGG website events (coupons or cash purchases)
Icon HolyYak
Holy Yak
Icon Kinryu
Kinryu Celestial Mall 5,000 
Icon Kitsu
Kitsu Lucky Slots (Lucky Roulette) 400 x 
Icon Amber LuckySlots
Icon Necia
Necia IGG website events (ex: Sulfur Egg Smashing [Jun 23-25]) (coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Nurix
Nurix IGG website events (coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Orind

IGG website events
(ex: Orind in Bonanza [May 15])

(coupons or cash purchases)
Icons Pyranine
Pyranine IGG website events
(ex: Flip Out [Aug 5-7])
(cash, coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Shunkan
  • Celestial Mall
  • IGG website events
  • 3,300
  • (coupons or cash purchases)
Icon Simius

IGG website events
(ex:The Ape that Spends [Dec 30 - Jan 3])

(coupons or cash purchases)
Toxicus avatar
Toxicus IGG website events

(coupons or cash purchases)

Icon WarElephant
War Elephant Lucky Roulette / IGG website events 35 
Icon Ruby LuckySlots
/ (coupons or cash purchases)
War Lion IGG website events (coupons or cash purchases)

Mount EnhancementEdit

Mounts Enhance Caption
Mounts can be enhanced to make them reach another star level (upon reaching 100%) which will increase their cumulative bonuses and change their appearance at star 2 ("+2") & star 5 ("+5"). Enhancement is achieved by clicking on the "Enhance" button at the Mounts menu.

Until reaching +5, mount enhancement is achieved through the use of mount catalysts. Between stage 5 and stage 6, Knight Crystals are used to enhance your mounts instead of mount catalysts.

By using mount catalysts or knight crystals, one of two things can happen:

  • You receive a 1x enhancement effect, whcih will grant you 1% enhancement.
  • You receive a 10x enhancement effect which will grant you 10% enhancement. This is also called a perfect mount evolution.

What this means is that a player can use anywhere between 10 and 100 mount catalyst/knight crystals to reach the next level.

You can purchase catalysts at the Auction, in the Mall (for 50 cash) or in your Guild Workshop (for ~117 RP). You can also receive them by opening some Event items (such as Easter Egg), by claiming the Login Rewards, by spinning the Event Wheel at the Guild menu >"Buildings" tab or as a reward from higher stages of Warrior's Trial, etc. Knight Crystals however are sold at the Celestial Mall for 30 celestial stones each and can also be obtained as a reward from various IGG website events.

Although there are some similarities in the way mount and pet enhancement work, the main difference is that mount enhancement does not rely on Lucky Runes to increase the chances of the enhancement. Each time the enhance button is clicked, your mount is guaranteed to receive a 1% or a 10% effect.


Mount enhancement costs coins acording to star level and 1 mount catalyst per try from +1 to +4 OR 1 Knight Crystals per try at +5

Coin cost:

  • 5,000 coins at +1,  
  • 10,000 coins at +2
  • 20,000 coins at +3,
  • 35,000 coins at +4
  • 50,000 coins at +5.

Success RateEdit

What is meant by "success rate" is the rate at which you can obtain a perfect mount evolution (the +10% enhancement effect). So, a 30% success rate simply means that your enhancement has a 30% chance of creating a 10% effect. As you can see in the table below, the chance of getting a perfect mount evolution decreases at higher grades and as the mount reaches higher "+" or Star levels.

Mount Grade "Success Rate" Formula +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
C 30% - (x% per mount level) + ("Mount Whisperer" guild tech bonus %) 30%+ tech 15%+ tech 10%+ tech
B 30% - (x% per level) + ("Mount Whisperer" guild tech bonus %)

30%+ tech

20%+ tech 15%+ tech
A 25% - (x% per star level) + (Mount Whisperer (guild tech) bonus %)

25%+ tech

18%+ tech 12%+ tech 5%+ tech 5%+ tech
S 20% -(x% per star level) + (Mount Whisperer (guild tech) bonus %) 20%+ tech 15%+ tech 10%+ tech 3%+ tech 3%+ tech

Mount TalentsEdit

At the "Talents" tab, each one of your mount are assigned 2 random talents. Once your mount reaches +6, these become unlocked to give your characters different bonuses and effects.

A "Reset Talents" button is also activated at +6, allowing you to re-shuffle BOTH of them, changing only 1 of them  and keeping the other is not possible. Each talent reset costs 50,000 coins and 2 mount catalysts.

The talents are divided in grades (C, B, A or S) and have 3 levels.

Note that the randomly generated talents are limited to the mount's grade. In other words, a mount can randomly receive equal-grade or lower-grade talents but not talents that are of a higher grade than the mount's grade.

Ex: A cavalry steed can only receive grade C talents. A jungle cub can receive grade B or C talents, etc.

Talent Grade Talent Bonus/Effect Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
C Crystal Wall Increases MDEF by ..... % 10% 12% 15%
C Diamond Shield Increases DEF by ..... % 10% 12% 15%
C Fitness Increases Max HP by ..... % 5% 7% 10%
C Lifesource Increases HP Regen by ..... % 20% 40% 80%
C Magic Pool Increases MP Regen by ..... % 20% 40% 80%
B "Angel's Strentgh" Increases ATK and MATK by ..... 5% 10% 15%
B Arm of Mystery Has a 10% chance to drain enemies' MP by ..... when attacking or using skills. 500 1,000 1,500
B Enlightenment Increases EXP earned from killing monsters by ..... % 10% 20% 30%
B Poison Fog Has a 10% chance of poisoning enemies when attacking or using skills. Poisoned enemies lose ..... HP every 2 seconds for 30 seconds. Effect cannot be stacked. 500 750 1,000
A Absorption Has a ..... % chance to negate DMG from enemy attacks and gain an equivalent amount of HP instead. 3% 5% 7%
A Counterattack Has a 10% chance of enemies receiving ..... DMG when attacking player. 500 1,000 1,500
A Hypnosis Has a 5% chance of casting Silence on enemies when attacking or using skills. Effect lasts ..... seconds. 4 5
A Lifecut Has a 10% chance of lowering enemies' HEAL by 100%. Effect lasts ...... seconds 8 10 12
S Fatal Counter there is a .... % chance to reflect DMG back at an opponent when attacked 3% 5% 7%
S Vampirism Has a 10% chance of gaining HP equivalent to ...... % of the DMG dealt to enemies when attacking or using skills. 15% 20% 25%
S Absorption 3% 5% 7%

Mount EquipmentEdit

(Help your fellow players by writing a guide!)


Imbibing can be done once every 8 hours. The cost is 2 Knight Crystals and 50,000 gold. You will only lose DEX when you imbibe. You keep all other stats. You can divide the points up between STR, INT, VIT and SPI or use them all on one stat. DEX is only stat you cant increase with imbibing.

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