NOTE: the green squares you see in Visual mode contain text between 4 forwards slashes "////". These are instructions and should be erased once you've read them. ////

//// To use this template, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "Edit" above.
  2. Click on the "Source" tab at the top of the page and copy all of the text/code.
  3. Then, go back to the Pets page and click on the missing pet page you'd like to create (one of the red-colored links).
  4. Select the "Blank Page" page layout and click on the "Add a page" button. Don't change the page name.
  5. On the new page, switch to "Source" mode then paste the code you've copied before.
  6. Finally, fill in the info in your new page by following the instructions. You might have to erase certain lines as appropriate. Don't forget to erase the green squares (with the text between 4 forward slashes (////) once you've filled in the info. 
  7. Review your page and then click on "Publish" to create the page!

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Credits go to user "Asphodelian" of the SNS forum for some of the info. (Source)

//// In the picture table right below, add the pictures manually by pressing "Modify" in Visual Mode. If you're missing one or more pictures, leave the placeholder as is; other editors will be able to submit their pictures. ////

Pet DetailsEdit


////leave only the applicable info, erase the other options.////

  • IGG website events (price: coupons, cash or cash purchases),
  • Pet Shop / Mall (price: xxx Blessing points),
  • Celestial Mall (price: xxx Celestial Stones),
  • Lucky Slots (price: xxx [gem type]),
  • Mystery Mall (price: xxx coins or cash),
  • Login Rewards (after x consecutive days),
  • Pet Grove (Cost of fusion: xxx [shard]).
Initial Grade: ////Only leave one letter, erase the others.////C / B / A / S
Race: [Race Icon here]

////Copy one line from below according to the pet's race and paste it here. Erase the other lines.////

Angelic: +20% Movement Speed.

Demonic: Target's DEF and MDEF are 15% less effective against Pet's attacks.

Dragonic: +15% damage dealt.

Elemental: -50% damage taken.

Feral: 15% of damage dealt to enemies recovers Pet's HP.

Humanoid: +50% Max HP.

Attack Mode: choose: Melee or Ranged
Attack Range: ??? //// this a number value that sometimes appears in the Pet Skill description window. ////

Default Skill:
(attack when not using Pet Skill)

//// Leave the applicable option, erase the others. ////

Magic Blast:Inflicts (100% MATK) magic damage upon a single target.

Melee (Physical)

Pet SkillEdit

pet_skill_name, without the star level value

[skill type, ex: Active/Physical/Single] 

Description: //// write the text that appears in the pet skill window in the game and insert lettered variables [A], [B], etc to give a reference to the table below. Any value that changes as the pet skill is enhanced to a higher star level should be replaced by a variable. ////

Cooldown Time (CD): ? seconds. //// if applicable. If not, erase this line ////

Casting Range (CR): ??? //// if applicable. If not, erase this line ////

Pet Skill Progression by Star LevelEdit

///// ERASE THIS TEXT once you've read this: add/remove columns in the table according to the amount of variable you've put in the description above. /////

Star Lvl [A]

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