Cards ProphecyIII


This card grants a 10% chance of inflicting DMG based on the combined ATK and MATK of the player (Weapons slot) or on the character's Max HP value (Armor slot). It also increases the benefits (bonuses) received by using Symbioisis by a % value (Accessories slot). As the card gains Star Ranks, the effects become more powerful.

Grade: S

Upgradable: Yes.

Sources: Celestial Mall (price: 700 x Celestial Stones ), IGG website events.

Bonuses by Star RankEdit

[Weapons] : Has a 10% chance while attacking or using skills to inflict [A]% of (ATK + MATK) DMG on target.

[Armor] : Has a 10% chance of inflicting DMG on target equal to [B] % of your own Max HP.

[Accessories] : Increase Symbiosis benefits by [C] %.

/ [Weapons] [Armor] [Accessories]
Star Rank A
% of ATK + MATK
% of Max HP
% to Symbiosis
I 20% 8% 5%
II 30% 11% 10%
III 40% 14% 15%
IV 50% 17% 20%
V 60% 20% 25%
VI 70% 23% 30%
VII 80% 26% 35%
VIII 90% 29% 40%
IX 100% 32% 45%
X 110% 35% 50%

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