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Grade B
Level 10
Class Hunter
Sources Low-level Hunter main quests (approximately from Lv 10 to 20)
Basic Attributes (Totals) +53-63 ATK, +65-75 DEF, +42-47 MDEF.
Advanced Attributes Produces 2 random attributes by default / 5 max attributes (Grade B)
Pieces 7: no head-slot piece (Helm)
Can be enhanced to:  ?? (ex: max enhancement = +20)

Basic AttributesEdit

Equipment Piece  Equipment Piece  +Physical Attack
Savage Bow LH Weapon +35-42
Savage Gloves Hands +18-21
TOTAL (ATK) 2 pieces +53-63 ATK
Equipment Piece  Equipment Piece  +Physical defense
+Magical defense
Savage Chestplate Chest +18-21 +11-13
Savage Belt Waist +11 +7
Savage Leg Guards Legs +16-19 +9-10
Savage Boots Feet +10-12 +6-7
Savage Quiver RH Weapon +10-12 +9-10
TOTAL (DEF/MDEF) 5 pieces +65-75 DEF +42-47 MDEF

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