This Grade B card deals bonus damage to a target when attacking or using skills, reflects damage taken to your attacker or increases DEF and MDEF by a certain amount, depending on the card's Star Rank and the type of equipment it is inlaid to.

Bonuses by Star RankEdit

[Weapons] : Deals [A] bonus damage to a target when attacking or using skills.

[Armor] : Reflect [B] damage taken to your attacker.

[Accessories] : Increases DEF and MDEF by [C].

Fuse to upgrade. Can be inlaid into equipment. Effects can't stack.

Effects by Star RankEdit

/ [Weapons] [Armor] [Accessories]
Star Rank A
(DMG reflected)
(+DEF and +MDEF)
I 150 80 450 
II 335 225 1050
III 555 375 1650
IV 810 550 2300
V 1100 750 3000
VI 1425 975 3750

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