Slug King Large

Slug King

Slug King


  • Level: 65
  • Respawn Rate: 24 hours (after its death)
  • Location:  Fallen Swamps (X:290, Y:200)
  • HP: 5,560,000
  • MP: ????


  • (unknown)


  • Bag of Coins VI (50,000 coins)
  • Coin Chest I (100,000 coins)
  • Gem Fragment
  • Level 60 blueprint materials:
    • Elemental Crystal
    • Elemental Heart
  • Level 60 Grade A armor pieces:
    • Gladiator Sword (Knight, RH Weapon)
    • Viper Bow (Hunter, LH Weapon)
    • Infernal Staff (Mage, RH Weapon)
    • Slegala's Scepter (Priest, RH Weapon)
  • Level 60 armor set blueprints:
    • Shaper Battleaxe [Knight] (blueprint)
    • Elements Bow [Hunter] (blueprint)
    • Thunder Staff [Mage] (blueprint)
    • Light Spirit Scepter [Priest] (blueprint)

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