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Cards StarShatter


This Grade S card was implemented during the Anniversary event in October 2013.

It grants the player a chance to deal CRIT DMG and ignore target's DMG RED, to summon a Seal Guardian when hit or it increases DEF, MDEF and END by 25% as a permanent (static) boost according to the type of equipment is it inlaid to (Weapons, Armor or Accessories).

Unlike other cards, the Star Shatter card cannot be upgraded to a higher star rank (it can only be Star Rank I)

Source: IGG website Events

Price: (n/a, not available in stores)

Card EffectsEdit

[Weapons] : Grants a 5% chance to deal CRIT DMG (critical damage) for the next 3 attacks when attacking or casting spells. Ignores 50% of target's DMG RED (damage reduction) for 8 seconds. Triggers every 20 seconds.

[Armor] : Has a 5% chance to summon Seal Guardian when hit. Guardian increases DMG by 20% for 10 seconds.

[Accessories] : Increases DEF, MDEF and END by 25% (static boost).

Effects by Star RankEdit

  • N/A :  This card cannot be fused to increase its Star Rank.

Similar Cards / Suggested UpgradesEdit

  • (unknown)

Related Achievements/TitlesEdit

Icon Achievement Description Reward Achieve Pts Requirement for Title
Icon Achievements Cards 35x34
Star Shatter Anniversary Special Card

2,000 Blessing points

500 Anni Envoy