The evil forces of the old empire secretly built a jail here to imprison honorable warriors who would oppose their ways.

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Maps Subterranean Prison

Subterranean Prison - Map

Dungeon Level: 50

Attempts per day: 5 (or more, according to your STAR level.)

Bosses: One-Eyed Wen
Mini-bosses: Prison Guard (8 or 9)
Chests: 3


If you want to solo, talk to Rio in Crater Plains.
If you want to go with a group, you can open Team Finder and join an existing one or start your own.

Select one of 4 difficulties: EasyHardElite or Heroic.

The Heroic difficulty is available only to level 70+ characters.



  •  ???


  • Armageddon pieces (Helmet, Armor, Belt, Boots, Leg Guards, Gloves) (from boss)
  • Dragonbane set pieces (from "mini-bosses")


  • Manticore set pieces (Helmet, Belt, Boots, Leg Guards, Armor, Gloves)
  • Sylph set pieces (from "mini-bosses")


  • Asmodeus set pieces (Crown, Sash, Boots, Leggings, Robe, Gloves)
  • Fenix set pieces (from "mini-bosses")


  • Abaddon set pieces (Band, Sash, Boots, Leggings, Tunic, Gloves)
  • Archangel set pieces (from "mini-bosses")


  • Dragonslayer Medallion (necklace)
  • Soul Collector (ring)
  • Storm Ring
  • Blood Elf Necklace

Lvl 50 Blueprints & MaterialsEdit

  • Lv 50 Grade A armor set blueprints (Head, RH & LH Weapon slot pieces only)
  • Zealous Will
  • Prisoner Shackles
  • Bloodstained Cape
  • Dulled Carver
  • Hanging Rope
  • Hot Branding Iron
  • Jagged Edge
  • Prison Officer Armor Fragments

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