Sample - Symbiosis

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Symbiosis is a feature that allows your character to gain attribute bonuses (ATK, MATK, DEF, MDEF and HP) based on the combined stats of your pets. If you're not familiar with the features of your pets, be sure to review the Pets page before reading this guide.

Only unequipped pets can lend you attribute bonuses - these pets will be marked with a red flag when Symbiosis is turned on. If you have a pet equipped, its attributes will not be counted in the total bonuses.


The bonuses gained during Symbiosis depend on a combination of 5 elements:

  • Your Pets' Levels
  • Your Pets' Training
  • Your Pets' Star Level
  • Your Pets' Attribute Growth Percentages (%)
  • Your Pets' Talent Levels

Activating Symbiosis will spend 6 energy per second. You can see how much energy you have left by mousing over the energy ball in the middle-bottom area of the screen. Deactivate Symbiosis and stay online to regain energy. As your character levels up, your energy limit will increase. Specifically, with each level up, your character's energy limit increases by 500.

Pet LevelsEdit

Your pets will have higher stats as they gain levels. Just like your character, your pets' attributes (STR, INT, DEX, VIT, SPI) will increase by a few points at every level. These increases will then have an impact on several values:

  • STR: Affects ATK
  • INT: Affect MATK
  • DEX : Affects CRIT, HIT & EVA
  • VIT: Affects DEF & Max HP
  • SPI: Affects Max MP & MDEF

Note that your pets' DEX values will not give your characters any bonuses when Symbiosis is activated. Take this into account when reading the section about attribute growth percentages.

Leveling your pets is a question of time. The pets you summon in battle will gain EXP from kills and you can always apply stored experience you've gotten from the Pet Summon feature to help them level faster.

Pet TrainingEdit

As with pet levels, the amount of points you invest at the pet training tab will make your pets stronger. The more points you invest in your non-battle pets, the better.