This daily quest is available from level 20 to level 90, according to the Event screen. The Guard Captain in Forrester City sends you to kill different mini-bosses in fields (exterior areas) according to the level of the quest. Once you've killed this boss, report back to the Guard Captain. You can complete this quest 5 times per day.

Dungeon DetailsEdit


The ominous shadows of war loom over Galensya. Demonic forces still ravage the land in spite of the courage of the royal militia. Only you can hope to stop them! Find the Guard Captain in Forrester City to claim The Deadliest Hunt quest.

Server timeEdit

00:00-24:00 (at any time)

Quest Issuer NPCEdit

  • Guard Captain, location X: 138, Y: 164  (Forrester City)


  • Lv 20 / 25: The Dark Warrior is wreaking havoc in Hope Canyon. This deadly swordsman is allied with the heathens and acts as their assassin. For the safety of all, you must slay the fiend!
  • Lv 30 / 35: Some local wildlife are mutating into dangerous beasts. They threaten the safety of everyone in Arbor Valley! You must go and put down the Savage Otter for us.
  • Lv 40 / 45: The Ghoul Monkey stole the transformation potion from the Savage Otter and hid it among the Heathens. They are attacking the merchants in the Holy Grounds. Defeat them before they cause any more harm!
  • Lv 50 : The Ghost Priest is wrecking havoc in Crater Plains. Defeat him before any more damage is done!
  • Lv 55 : The Fallen Angel is interrogating Elves in the dark Rainforest to find the fragments of the Wings of Destiny. Tigali needs your assistance. Go quickly and defeat the Fallen Angel before it is too late!
  • Lv 60 :  The Dark Singer was cursed by the Fallen Angel and has lost control! Defeat it quickly before it causes any more damage!
  • Lv 65 : The Swamp Witch in the Jade Sanctuary is losing control of her powers. You must destroy her now before she grows even more terrible!
  • Lv 70 : Azazel is summoning demons in the Forbidden Lands. Defeat him now to prevent any more from answering his call!
  • Lv 75 :
  • Lv 80 :
  • Lv 85 :
  • Lv 90 : 

Complete (quest targets)Edit

Quest Level Quest Target Location
20 Kill the Dark Warrior X: 251, Y: 90 - Hope Canyon
30 Kill the Savage Otter X: 98, Y: 281 - Arbor Valley
40 Kill the Ghoul Monkey X: 174, Y: 340 - Holy Grounds
50 Kill the Ghost Priest X: 323, Y: 211 - Crater Plains
55 Kill the Fallen Angel X: 330, Y: 190 - Dark Rainforest
60 Kill the Dark Singer X: 333, Y: 201 - Fallen Swamps
65 Kill the Swamp Witch X: 125, Y: 283 - Jade Sanctuary
70 Kill Azazel X: 183, Y: 346 - The Forbidden Land

(Once you've killed the boss, the target changes to "Report to the Guard Captain".)

Quest RewardsEdit

According to the level of the quest, you receive a certain amount of coins & EXP and an Elite Treasure Chest that contains 1 Bag of Coins (or more at higher levels) and 1 bound blueprint material.

Item Elite Treasure Chest V

Example of the treasure chest received from the lv 65 quest.

  • Lv 20-24: 1,000 coins, 5,000 EXP and Elite treasure Chest I.
  • Lv 30: 2,000 coins, 10,000 EXP and Elite Treasure Chest II.
  • Lv 40: 3,000 coins, 15,000 EXP and Elite Treasure Chest III.
  • Lv 50: 4,000 coins, 25,000 EXP and Elite Tresure Chest IV.
  • Lv 55: 5,000 coins, 30.000 EXP and Elite Tresure Chest IV.
  • Lv 60: 7,500 coins, 35,000 EXP and Elite Tresure Chest V.
  • Lv 65: 10,000 coins, 43,750 EXP and Elite Treasure Chest V.
  • Lv 70: 20,000 coins, 50,000 EXP and Elite Treasure Chest VI.
  • Lv 75: [?,???] coins, [??,???] EXP and Elite Tresure Chest VI.
  • Lv 80: [?,???] coins, [??,???] EXP and Elite Tresure Chest VII.
  • Lv 85: [?,???] coins, [??,???] EXP and Elite Tresure Chest VII.
  • Lv 90 : [?,???] coins, [??,???] EXP and Elite Tresure Chest [???].

Related Achievements & TitlesEdit

You can keep track of how many times you have completed the quest by opening the Character Menu (C), then clicking on the "Acheivement" tab. The following will be under Justice achievements.

Icon Achievement Decription Reward

Achieve Pts

Requirement for Title
Icon Achievements DeadlyHunter 35x34
Deadly Hunter I Complete The Deadliest Hunt 10 times Replenish Pack x3 20 -
Icon Achievements DeadlyHunter 35x34
Deadly Hunter II Complete The Deadliest Hunt 35 times Replenish Pack x5 40 Adventurer
Icon Achievements DeadlyHunter 35x34
Deadly Hunter III Complete The Deadliest Hunt 70 times Replenish Pack x10 80 -
Icon Achievements DeadlyHunter 35x34
Deadly Hunter IV Complete The Deadliest Hunt 150 times Replenish Pack x15 120 -
Icon Achievements DeadlyHunter 35x34
Deadly Hunter V Complete The Deadliest Hunt 350 times Replenish Pack x20 200 -

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