Screenshots DemonDilemma Sample

Demon Dilemma Event - Sample

Alert! The door to hell has been cracked and a Demon Envoy has entered this world! Lv 30+ players must go forth and cut it down immediately! Catch the Demonic Envoy ("Demon Envoy") in Arbor Valley to enter this dungeon. A team is highly recommended.

Server Times: 09:00 - 10:00  &  21:10 - 22:10

Level Requirement: 30 - 110

Event AccessEdit

  • NPCs Demon Envoy

    A Demon Envoy in Arbor Valley.

    Maps Arbor Valley Demon Envoy Locations

    Location of the Demon Envoys in Arbor Valley (Map)

    If you want to solo the event, talk to one of the many Demon Envoys in Arbor Valley to enter the event. Consult the map to the right for the known locations of the Demon Envoys, represented by red dots on the map.
  • If you want to go with a team, open Team Finder and join an existing one or create your own.

Event DetailsEdit

Maps BlazingLands DemonDilemma

Blazing Lands (Demon Dilemma event) - Map

  • Fight your way through a horde of Salamanders to kill the Demon Envoy.


  • Salamanders: 49
  • Boss: 1 (Demon Envoy)


  • The creatures in the dungeon will be Level x0 according to the level decade of the highest player in the team (regardless of whether he is the team leader or not) or of the player, if you are soloing the event.
    • Example: If the highest member of the team is level 67 and the other members are level 54 and level 42 players, all creatures in the event will be level 60, etc.
  • ​You can complete the event with lower level creatures with the help of a lower level player. Here is how to do this:
    • ​First, make sure you are not in a team.
    • Then, ask another player of the desired level decade (ex: Lv 42 player ---> Level 40 creatures) who is not in a team to enter the event alone.
    • Have the player invite you to a team once he is inside the area and accept the invitation.
    • Finally, enter "manually" through one of the Demon Envoys in Arbor Valley and that's it! All creatures will be of a lower level decade than yours.


The following loot items are not bound and can be sold to or traded with other players.

  • Lv 1 gems (excluding the newest attribute gems such as Aquamarine (INT +13), Diamond (VIT +4), Jade (DEX +13), etc.)
  • Grade B armor (excluding rings and necklaces) of the same level as the creatures. (lv 70 creatures --> Lv 70 armor)
  • Bags of Coins (I, II, III, etc.)