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Release Date: Aug 9th, 2013 (Circus Toxicus, IGG event)

Mounts Toxicus 1s2s5s IGG

Artistic rendering of the three appearances of the Toxicus mount.

This is the original "balanced" High STR/INT grade S mount. Other mounts with an identical bonus pattern are the Orind and Anpheolia mounts. As explained on the Anpheolia page, it offers +22 more VIT and SPI than the other High STR/INT mounts but loses -13 STR/INT and -18 DEX compared to other mounts such as the Azurblauen. Kinryu offers the highest STR/INT but lowest DEX, VIT and SPI bonuses of all mounts within the High STR/INT category.

Attributes +1
STR +10 +23 +56 +103 +148 +171
INT +10 +23 +56 +103 +148 +171
DEX +10 +20 +41 +70 +102 +110
VIT +10 +18 +26 +38 +70 +99
SPI +10 +18 +26 +38 +70 +99
Movement Speed (MS) +25% +30% +35% +45% +50% +50%

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