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Legendary Tybalt

The window that appears once you reach level 5.

Credits go to user "Asphodelian" of the IGG SNS forum for some of the info. (Source)

This is the first pet you can claim for free at level 5 as a level up reward. The Tybalt is a useful pet, especially at lower levels, due to it's ability to regenerate its health according to its race (Feral). 15% of the damage it inflicts on the target is drained as pet HP.


Pet DetailsEdit

  • Pet Shop / Mall (price: 800 vouchers or 100 cash)
  • Free (at level 5)
Initial Grade: Grade C
Highest Grade :
(with training)
Grade B
Pets Feral Icon 30x30

Feral: 15% of damage dealt to enemies recovers Pet's HP.

Attack Mode: Melee
Attack Range: 172

Default Skill:
(attack when not using Pet Skill)

Melee: Physical damage (100% of pet's ATK value per hit) upon a single target.

Pet SkillEdit

PetSkills Tybalt Bloodleap Icon Bloodleap Physical
Cooldown Time: 5 seconds
Casting Range: 550
[Active/Physical/Single] Teleport to your target and deal [A] DMG + [B]% ATK.
Pet: Tybalt

Pet Skill Progression by Star LevelEdit

Star Lvl [A]
(% ATK)
I 75 100
II 90 102
III 108 104
IV 129 106
V 154 108
VI 184 110
VII 220 112
VIII 264 114
IX 316 116

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