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"Wings of Destiny" (WoD) is a web-based, browser MMORPG.
You can play it through Facebook, the IGG website, or the Kabam website.
The game was released in September 2012 and is a 3D-based game.

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Classes & Skills

Classes (Overview)
Knight -> Crusader / Berserker
Hunter -> Ranger / Stalker
Mage -> Sage / Warlock
Priest -> Cleric / Inquisitor

Field Elites

• Greedy Devil (Level 45)
Slug King (Level 65)
Dark Mistress Isella (Level 70)
Chaos Tyrant (Level 80)
Sinadra (Level 90)
Lord Byss (Level 118)
Demonic Guard (Level 120)

Events / Quests

A Dangerous Journey (Escort Quest)
Hijack Cart (Solo)
The Deadliest Hunt (Dailly Quest)
Astral Trials (Solo Event)
Warrior´s Trial (Solo Event)
The Hot Springs (Event)
Alchemist´s Request (Group Event)
Recover the Wings (Group Event)
The Demon Dilemma (Group Event)
Pet Island (Event)
Mount Island (Event)
Cloudy Treasury (Event)
Derby Race (Event)
Siege War (PvP Guild Event)
Glory Fortress (Battlefield, PvP event)
• Anniversary Event (New!)


• Abyssal Quarry (Level 20+)
• Abandoned Cellar (Level 30+)
• The Infernal City (Level 40+)
• Subterranean Prison (Level 50+)
• Ley Line Source (Level 55+)
• Forgotten Temple (Level 60+)
• The Proving Grounds (Level 65+)
• Eternal Astral Realm (Level 70+)
• Sacred Grove (Level 80+)

Ancient Lands

Septa Sacrarium (Level 1-120)
• Cloudy Reach (Level 1-120)
• Ash Abyss (Level 1-120)

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Wings Of Destiny Gameplay

Wings Of Destiny Gameplay