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This Grade A card grants a chance to reset all skill cooldowns when using skills, to negate all damage when attacking or to increase all EXP gained from monster kills according to the Star rank and the piece of equipment it is inlaid to.

Note: The accessories EXP bonus doesn't apply in certain cases, like when killing monsters in events suchs as Warrior's Trial, etc.

Source: Card Box A, Draw tab of the Cards menu and special IGG events.

Cost: n/a (not sold in stores)

Upgradable: Yes

Card EffectsEdit

[Weapons] : Grants a [A]% chance to reset all Skills Cooldowns when using skills.

[Armor] : Grants a [B]% chance to negate all damage when attacked.

[Accessories] : Increases all EXP gained from monster kills by [C]%.

Effects by Star RankEdit

/ [Weapons] [Armor] [Accessories]
Star Rank [A]
(% chance to reset cooldowns)
(% chance to negate all damage)
(+EXP %)
I 2 3 10
II 3.5 4.5 25
III 5 6 40
IV 6.5 7.5 55
V 8 9 70
VI 9.5 10.5 85
VII 11 12 100
VIII 12.5 13.5 115
IX 14 15 130

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